Graphite Formula Ltd
Graphite Formula Ltd




Our purchases

We buy on the regular bases:



Scrap of graphitize electrodes from Ø300 mm and more, length from 500 mm



Non-liquide graphite of following brands: GM (3), ZOPG (3), MG (), MG-1 (-1), -1 (-2),

MPG-6 (-6), MPG (-7), AG-1500 (-1500), AG-1500CO5 (-15005), AG-1500B83 (-150083) and others

All natural graphite: FG (), CG (), LG (), EG () and others



We are aimed on long-term and honest collaboration on mutually acceptable conditions.






Conversion factors


mm2 to m2: 1E-6
cm2 to m2: 1E-4
hectare to m2: 1E4
km2 to m2: 1E6

in2 to m2: 6.4516E-4
ft2 to m2: 9.290304E-2 (144 in2)
yd2 to m2: 8.3612736E-1 (9 ft2)
rood to m2: 1.01171E3 (1210 yd2)
acre to m2: 4.0468564224E3 (4840 yd2)
mile2 to m2: 2.58998811E6 (640 acres)


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