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Delivery of goods is made by any convenient transport company which operates freight in your area, or pickup from the warehouse of our company.

Freight produced in any convenient form of transportation: truck, rail, air, sea or river vessel.





Conversion factors


milligram (mg) to kilogram (kg): 1E-6
gram (g) to kg: 1E-3
tonne to kg: 1E3 (1 megagram or Mg)

UK (Avoirdupois)

dram (dr) to kg: 1.77185E-3 (7000/256 grain)
ounce (oz) to kg: 2.83495E-2 (16 dr)
pound (lb) to kg: 0.45359237 exactly (16 oz and 7000 grain)
stone to kg: 6.35029 (14 lb)
slug (also gee pound) to kg: 1.45939E1
quarter (qr) to kg: 1.27006E1 (2 stone)
hundredweight (cwt) to kg: 5.08023E1 (4 qr and 112 lb)
ton (UK) (UKton) to kg: 1.016047E3 (20 cwt and 1.12 short ton)


dram (dr) to kg: 1.77185E-3 (as UK)
ounce (oz) to kg: 2.83495E-2 (as UK)
pound (lb) to kg: 0.45359237 (as UK)
short hundredweight (sh cwt) to kg: 4.53592E1 (100 lb)
short ton (sh tn / USton) to kg: 9.07185E2 (20 sh cwt)


grain (gr in UK, no US symbol) to kg: 6.479891E-5 (1/7000 lb)
scruple to kg: 1.29598E-3 (20 grain)
drachm (dram in US) to kg: 3.88793E-3 (3 scruple)
apothecaries ounce (oz apoth in UK, oz ap in US) to kg: 3.11035E-2 (8 drachm and 1 oz tr)


grain to kg: as Apothecaries
pennyweight (dwt) to kg: 1.55517E-3 (24 grain)
troy ounce (oz tr) to kg: 3.11035E-2 (20 dwt)
troy pound (lb tr) to kg: 3.73242E-1 (12 oz tr)

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