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Welcome, dear visitor. For competent communication we included the glossary of professional terms to our block.

We hope that it will help You to master the sphere of our performance.

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Conversion factors


Kelvin (K): x K

= (x-273.15) °C
= (5/4)(x-273.15) °Réaumur
= (9/5)x-459.67 °F
= (9/5)x °Rankine

Celcius (also centigrade) (°C): x °C

= (x+273.15) K
= (5/4)x °Réaumur
= (9/5)x+32 °F
= (9/5)(x+273.15) °Rankine

Réaumur (°R): x °Réaumur

= (4/5)x °C
Fahrenheit (°F): x °F
= (5/9)(x+459.67) K
= (5/9)(x-32) °C
= (25/36)(x-32) °Réaumur
= (x+459.67) °Rankine

Rankine (°R): x °Rankine

= (5/9)x K
= (5/9)(x-491.67) °C
= (25/36)(x-491.67) °Réaumur
= (x-459.67) °F

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